Creature From The Black Logoon Speaker Panel Mod Kit


Available in stock now. Scroll to the bottom of this page to order.

10/5/16: All available kits have been sold. Currently we are not planning on remaking these. Our production method took to long to assemble each panel. When time permits though, I will see if I can assemble these in a different manner to speed up the build time. Thank you to all who supported and showed interest in this product.

30/11/14: Ready at Last! Will assemble some kits over the next few days and will list on the website. Here is a video of the finished product. CFTBL Video Clip

18/12/13. Tail light PCB’s have arrived, installed and work great. Just getting a print run of the front panel,l but won’t be available this side of Christmas. So, In the new year hopefully will have a small run ready.


21/10/2013: We are very happy with a sample print of the speaker panel. So it looks as though this will still be a viable project. The last of the PCB boards are about to be designed so the project is now moving forward again.

It’s been a while since any update. An issue has come up where it appears that the original speaker panel artworks can vary from machine to machine. As the led’s need to be bang on to shine through in the correct place, we are investigating having the artwork produced so we can sell as a complete kit and then feel confident that the led’s will all line up and shine though the tail lights correctly. We are in the process of getting costs to have this done, so will update once we have seen a prototype.