Proud suppliers of machines to the first Bar-Arcade in New Zealand

Featuring the largest collection of publicly playable Pinball Machines in the Country!

Come down for your Retro Gaming fix. We currently have 45 different units onsite.

Arcadia features that great old school technology – Tubes! Or otherwise known as CRT’s. The only true way to present the games from the late 70’s through to the early 2000’s. Our only games with LCD screens, are ones that were designed to run on them. (You won’t find Street Fighter 2 running on a stretched widescreen LCD at Arcadia!)

Currently our earliest Video game is a Christchurch built game called Space Wars made by Rait Electronics Circa 1979. A clone of Space Invaders running on an original black and white monitor with colour overlay. This machine is running the original Rait circuit board. This was a total rebuild machine, you can read the rebuild story here.

All machines are Token operated and most of the machines will also accept gold coins.

Arcadia is a great place for birthday parties. We have hosted parties from the ages of 6 to 70.

Did I mention Arcadia is also licensed? Oh and they make a mean Burger too!

You can visit the website directly here